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What to Wear

These days photography is taking on more of a candid, editorial style and you can have fun with your clothing! The goal is to have everyone complement each other, but not be too “matchy-matchy.” Try to avoid big logos on t-shirts, but don’t be afraid of colors or patterns.

We’ve also added some outfit ideas on our pinterest page.

Layer, Layer, Layer
Layers and texture look great in photos.  J Crew and Gap are great places to seek inspiration when deciding what to wear. By adding a blazer or fun scarf, not only does it make the picture more complete, you can ditch the layers mid shoot for a completely different look. Layers can be very flattering and help you hide anything you might want hidden (wink wink).

It’s All in the Details
We can’t stress this tip enough! How many times have you heard that phrase: “it’s all in the details?” Well….. it’s true! Decide your accent color and add that color into your jewelry, shoes, undershirts, scarf, tights and hair bows. It adds that extra flair you need to make for a fun, sassy picture.

If in Doubt, Ask Us
Michelle is always excited to see clients layer and put time and effort into their outfits. You don’t just randomly choose a photographer, you study and find out one whose work you like. The same should go for your outfits, don’t just pick out clothes last minute, put time and effort into them and you will love the result.